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“Our vision is to give our clients the opportunity to acquire the optimum solution in safe and high-quality technology to enhance their business profitability by means of expert and competent specialists and selectable partners. We are aiming to provide quality services and products in the world of ‘Machine Tools & Industrial Automation’.”

About Us

We are manufacturers of laser cutting machines.

MIG and TIG welding machines. 

Furthermore, we provide laser cutting/welding application support and solutions with highly trained engineers.

LRA acknowledges that it is essential for many customers to stay current with their lasers to keep production going smoothly. Hence, we offer extensive technical support and spares for most machining and lasers system available.

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LRA team has over 17 years of experiences in the field of :

engineering, machine building, inspection, maintenance, commissioning, warranty support and industrial automation.

Our team members have engineered and installed several CNC control systems and machines at various fields. We have vast experience in the field of laser cutting laser welding  and machining centers .

Our Team has vast experience in the field of applications: Laser (Cutting, welding, marking, texturing, ablation, hybrid welding with CO2 and Fiber), MIG & TIG, Machine tools, punching, bending etc. with international experience.


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