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5 Axis Laser Cutting/Welding Machine


Auto Fixture: 

Benefits The incorporation of fixtures in our manufacturing processes offers several advantages:


  • Enhanced Efficiency: Fixtures streamline production, reducing cycle times and improving overall efficiency. This translates into optimized workflows and faster delivery of vehicles to the customers.

  • Superior Quality: Fixtures streamline production, reducing cycle times and improving overall efficiency. This translates into optimized workflows and faster delivery of parts of exceptional quality.

  • Cost Savings: Fixtures minimize rework, scrap, and errors, leading to cost savings in production. By reducing waste and optimising processes, you ensure your vehicles are cost-effective for your customers.

  • Standardisation and Scalability: Fixtures promote standardisation in manufacturing processes, making it easier to replicate and scale production. This enables you to meet increasing demand while maintaining consistent quality standards.

  • Worker Safety: Fixtures provide secure work-holding, minimising the risk of accidents and ensuring a safe working environment for the employees. The well-being of a workforce is of paramount importance to every organisation, and us as a manufacturer.


Product  Features:

Mainly used in 3D precision cutting of aviation, automobile industry, construction machinery , mould, fitness equipment and sheet metal processing, etc.

● LRA 3D 5-Axis laser cutting machine is used in precisely cutting 3D parts with complex surface.

● Specially suitable for cutting covering parts of automobile and aviation industry, such as edge and hole cutting.

● It can replace the traditional trimming die and piercing die.

● It can realize 3D parts’ high quality, high precision and high efficiency cutting,  without needs of  secondary processing.

Efficient Production with faster ROI

  1. Fast cutting performance and cost-effectiveness with best-in-class trajectory acceleration (up to 1 g) and speed (up to 80 m/min), reducing cost per part and maximizing return on investment.

  2. Ideal for a wide range of production needs: from mass or specialized automotive production to multi-purpose solutions for high performance in a variety of applications

  3. Top flexibility thanks to fast programming capabilities that allow the machines to be easily reconfigured to accommodate changeovers and reduce set-up time.​

Customization with multiple Options

Customized multiple machine configurations (fixed tables, split cabin, shuttles and turn table) it can meet any production need:
Fixed Tables configuration: the standard version with Fixed Tables exploits the entire working envelope to process large parts and features great accessibility from all sides.
Split Cabin configuration: with the Split Cabin configuration, the working volume is separated by a removable wall and a sliding roof into two halves, where the parts are alternatively processed or loaded/unloaded in total safety. In this way, machine productivity is increased and, when needed for larger parts, the wall can be removed to restore the entire working envelope.
Shuttle Tables configuration: the Shuttle Tables version allows the fast and automatic movement of parts and fixtures outside the working area from the sides or the front of the machine. This is the solution for allowing large and heavy parts to be handled outside the working area and in case of complex set-up. Combined with the Split Cabin, the Shuttle Tables configuration also allows cover time operations
Turn Table configuration: for the fastest part handling operations without machine stops (cover time operation), the Turn-Table configuration is available. This is the ideal solution for large-series production of medium to large-size parts.

The product range covers Industrial PCs, I/O and fieldbus components, drive technology, automation software, control cabinet-free automation, and hardware for machine vision.

Powerful Industrial Panel PCs – Operation, control and monitoring of every machine

As a combination of Control Panel (HMI) and Industrial PC (IPC), the Industrial Panel PC is suitable for installation in the front of a control cabinet and for mounting arm installation. High-performance components make machine-level operation, control and monitoring one of the strengths of the Panel PCs, whose elegant housings are designed for easy accessibility of all components and optimal space utilization. 

Higher productivity with high-speed, high-accuracy control. 

  • Advanced hardware - State of the art CPU for unsurpassed operation speed. High-response, high-speed machine motion.

  • Optimum acceleration/deceleration for the reduction of cutting time - Tolerance control ensures high-speed corner cutting.

  • Improved laser operation responsiveness - Laser control is improved to generate optimum laser power in the minimum time improved performance for Zero pierce cutting and sharp edge cutting.

  • Large LCD display with touch screen operation

  • High Performance - The optimum cutting conditions are automatically determined at high speed as the feed rate changes.

  • Cutting conditions database - Optimum cutting conditions including cutting speed. Laser output and assist gas pressure can be set according to the type of material and thickness to be cut.

  • Quick program restart function - Function retains the position in its memory and can restart the machine from the point where it stopped.

  • Swiveling CNC operation panel with adjustable height - The operator can easily bring the CNC operation panel to the desired position for machine set-up or torch inspection.

LRA parts_edited.jpg

Laser source Fiber 3,000 W – 4,000 W

*The accuracy of the piece depends on its type, size and pre-treatment, and the conditions of application.

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